Greetings from the Commander

Thank you for visiting our web page,

 It is a fact that our contemporary world, is witnessing a variety of different challenges, almost in all domains of human actions, mainly on security and defence issues, which are at the heart of this problematic. In addition, our environment is characterized on a global level, by a dynamic evolution of events, random in their nature. Uncertain and volatile geopolitical redistribution of power seems to emerge in the world.

 Hellas, in the context of National Security Strategy and member of International Organizations (UN, NATO, EU, etc), focuses on world peace keeping and stability. The interests to be served are to prevail National Sovereignty and to enhance security and peace in the broader geopolitical region of Southeastern Mediterranean area.

 The complexity that dominates the international relations of the period, along with the critical uncertainties that randomly emerge, impose Armed Forces mentality to be reconsidered. New tactics, techniques and procedures at Joint level seem to prevail, while planning and execution at all levels of military activities (tactical, operational and strategic levels) call for enhanced collaboration and understanding.

 In this global context, education of high ranking Armed Forces personnel to various sectors, such as National Security Strategy, Defence Policy, International Cooperation and Security, is more than a necessity. Hellenic National Defence College (HNDC), as the supreme educational institution of the Hellenic Armed Forces, plays a dominant role that has already been recognized by the domestic and the regional environment. HNDC provides education in applied strategy, where orchestration of the National Instruments of power is a must so as to safeguard the set National interests. 

 Our College promotes, as our moto underlines ‘’wisdom and art’’. Wisdom, on one hand, can be achieved only in an unbiased and academically challenging environment. Our faculty is selected on the basis of excellence from the Academic, Diplomatic, Political and Military domains. Art, on the other hand, is implemented by reshaping our educational profile seeking excellence. We run on annually basis, a robust educational program, based on seminars and pear to pear acquisition of academic truth. In addition, a long distance learning program is planned, organized and executed following all means of contemporary technology so as to mitigate the lack of physical co-existence of the students. More importantly, our cooperation with renowned Hellenic and Foreign Institutions provided post graduate titles, too. All this educational interaction aims to provide National Security Strategist who will easily recognize uncertainties and handle the sensitive geopolitical and geostrategic issues that eastern Mediterranean possesses.  

 The core educational objective to be maintained is a multidimensional curriculum where critical thinking, Joint perception, Interagency culture, Strategic mind and cooperative spirit are recognized, enhanced and promoted as key features of our graduates.   

 This effort will be totally successful, provided that the international audience will invest on it. The participation of foreign officers, will provide acknowledged value, will boost the intellectual capacity of Greek officers to think in different perspectives and will add common understanding and appreciation.

 Knowing that the challenges are laying if front of us we have to be prepared. There is no better way to be ready than to educate high ranking officers to comprehend the political military relations, to see beyond facts, to think critically, to acquire a vivid political instinct, to prevail the military virtues and to cultivate free spirit.

 Concluding, I would like to emphasize that our College is acting on firm basis. We have acquire the trust and confidence of our Political - Military hierarchy. This is just a good beginning. Our strategy to further expand the spectrum of our success must be based on precise planning, broad educational objectives, unrest spirit, high professional ethics and collective devotion in our set goals and objectives. It is my belief that these are the attributes to acquire ‘’wisdom and art’’ that our contemporary world is so in need of.